Because She Runs

Story Behind The Song

Personal experiences guided me to make this song. Basically, "I'm never gonna be anybody's prey." This song expresses how I am confrontational and impatient about pursuing fickle women.

Song Description

This song is similar in theme to "Running Away" by Hoobastank. It is about a guy pursuing a girl who does not know what she wants, but half of the time wants him.

Song Length 3:56 Genre Rock - Modern, Rock - Hard Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Disconcerted, Cross Subject Frustration, Fear
Similar Artists Soundgarden, Third Eye Blind Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


Because She Runs

Its starts off dreamy, and sleeping,
She walks to the water where the waves have not begun to hit.
Risking what she?s fleeing,
She boards upon the ship in a sea endlessly seeming.

Don?t go wakin? her up because you?ll overflow her cup;
She?s not in control.
She crests a wave that never ends and now all that will bend...
Shes not gonna go.

Strolling the beach in her fantasy mirth,
She sails into another earth.
It?s raining because the tears from her scared eyes fall into her mind?s guise.


?Cause I know just what to do,
And I know just what to say:
I?m never gonna be anybody?s prey.
She?s losin? all she has,
If she doesn?t turn away.
She runs because...runs because...she?s afraid!

Feeling alone. It looks like there?s no one home.
Feeling alone. Pick up the phone and call.

Prechorus 2:
Don?t go wakin? her up because you?ll overflow her cup;
She?s a cryin? soul.
A wave that never bends breaks and now all that will end...
I?m making her full.


Stranded at sea, she waits in the mess, after sending out an S.O.S.
She breaks down, then smiles as she wakes up and makes up,
But we all know she?s in denial.

- Written and composed by John Michael Suprock Copyright February 1999

Lyrics John M. Suprock Music John M. Suprock
Producer John M. Suprock Performance John M. Suprock (Vocals, Guitars), Rennie Grant (Guitars), Jay Turner (Bass), Cliff Darrow (Drums)
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