Song Description

A feel good, toe tapping, cheerful song that captures the feeling of young love in the heart of summer.

Song Length 2:45 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood On Cloud Nine, In High Spirits Subject Fun, Falling in Love
Similar Artists Sugarland Language English
Era 2000 and later



[Verse 1]

Bare feet on the dashboard, soakin' up the sun
You're in your cowboy hat, winkin' at me
Just for fun
On our way to nowhere but it feels fine
Cuz baby I got you so life is alright


And you make the stars align
Make the sun come up and the moonlight shine
And you make everything alright
Somethin' bout this love with you

[Verse 2]

Sticky, sweet and sun-tanned
You're my cold drink
I melt away and drown like ice in the heat
We won't live forever you know what I mean?
Cuz baby I got you so life is alright

[Repeat Chorus]


Getting' there's half the fun
Baby don't you wanna come?
You know the time is right
You and me on a Saturday night

[Repeat Chorus]

Copyright © Jennifer Allen & John Eric Shaw All Rights Reserved

I like the sound of the drums and rhythm guitar - I also like the female vocals, sounds a lot like Jodi Messina!

Great voice and structure to song. My foot was a tapping. Being an audio engineer you have a great recording. I can see this song take off and be heard in a movie or show. I will be checking out your other material. Best of luck!

Lyrics Eric Shaw & Jennifer Allen Music Eric Shaw & Jennifer Allen
Producer Eric Shaw & Jennifer Allen Publisher Eric Shaw & Jennifer Allen
Performance Eric Shaw & Jennifer Allen
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