Spit On Me

Song Length 4:02 Genre Rock - New Wave, Electronic - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Disturbed, Cross Subject Anger, Arrogance


Spit on Me

Someone come and spit on me
hot fever..3rd degree
This helter swelter's burnin' up my neck
Air so thin can't breathe it in, Ain't no lack of oxygen
Holy Shit man! I'm nearly choked to death


Someone come and spit on me
chill me out and gimme some relief
this heat blast is crackin' up all my skin
Blood's on fire, busted nose
Smoke and ash stinkin' up my clothes
Holy hell man!! I really can't stand the heat



Barely breathing in this human heatwave
it's been a long hot day of drinking filthy water
there's a spark inside my eyes
you gotta tell me how to survive
ya cynically do, ya cynically die
No one gets out here alive


Got to sweat it out and fat up my mouth
it's too late to be worth the tryin'
I said what I said, I done what I done
it's too late to be worth the cryin'
The critical ones, the cynical lives
are always the last to be laughing
but deep inside, admit to it punk
your a godamn walking disaster
The critical ones, the cynical lies
are always the last to be standing
but admit it man, we're all pathetic disasters

Lyrics Spit On Me Music R. Stuart, Colin T MacPhail, A. Starr, D. Cunningham, D. Williams
Producer Rob Stuart Publisher STTSW Publishing
Performance SLAVE to the SQUAREwave Label Independant

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