Known All Along Jessa

Story Behind The Song

It's not unlike my own story.....

Song Description

Boy following girl from home town while she travels around the country pushing her musical goals..Ends up...... He finally gets up on the stage and sings with her and the rest is history.....

Song Length 2:39 Genre Country - Bluegrass, Country - Americana
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Joyful, Glad Subject County, Excitement
Similar Artists The Dixie Chicks


I've Known All Along

At the country fair, you were there, in the crowd
I even saw you, at the airport , in L.A.
You've followed me, all the way
From our home town, in P. A.
Won't you come right out
And tell me that, you love me

I would never, turn, you away
I've loved you, since, back in the day
When we were, just, little kids
You let me, hold your hand
Please, come closer, to the mic
And sing a song with me?
I've known all along, that you love me.....

When your not here, I see your face, on every fan
The whole damn crowd, I want to run to you as fast as I can
I love to see you out there, but you're better on the stage with me
I melt every single time, you sing that harmony


I'm alone back stage, getting ready, for the show
There's a knock on my door, said honey, let's go


End. Step, right up, to the mic
And sing along with me
Cause I've known all along that you love me
And I've known all along,
You must have known......
That I've known all along, that you love me..........

pure bluegrass. I felt I was up in the hills of Kentucky rocking to the wonderful sounds. Harmony is very well placed and vocals go well with the music.

I am not a musician so can't always distinguish what instrument t I am hearing, however, I believe it is a banjo in the first few bars and it is perfect for this song. Keep up the good work!

Lyrics Marvin Floyd Music Marvin Floyd
Producer Marvin Floyd Publisher Marvin Floyd
Performance Jessa Campbell


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