Song Description

Representing St. Louis to the Fullest.

Song Length 3:34 Genre Rock - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed Language English
Era 2000 and later


Verse 1 Vision
St. Louis where I stay, ain?t no place above it/
City by the Mississippi and believe me I love it/
Where we covet big trucks, big wheels, big chains/
Big money, big plans man, doing big thangs/
Country to the core, represent for the poor/
For the ones who ain?t have, so they had to take yours/
Not east or west but the middle of America/
A blend of the best with a zest for the narrative/
Simplexx dirty, that?s the clique of the blessed ones/
Rose from the sick scenery of infested slums/
Came up out the mosh pits, heard ya?ll garbage/
Now it?s time to break up in the game like a locksmith/
Lock it, and never give it back until we done with it/
Pocket the money and respect that?ll come with it/
Smokin on a black and mild, I?m half gone now/
Tip ya drank back, let me show you how we get down/

Chorus Vision, Furious, Posqualy x2
We the realest up in this, represent to the finish/
Verse 2 Posqualy
Case you can?t spell that?s simplex in the hook, the lyrics infect molest you like hands on puss/
Simple in one mind frame, complex in the next, boy get lifted like a carne and vision the rest/
Like perky breast, in prison, can?t touch you screwed, you rendezvous, with three who, beyond you dudes/
Words launch from tonsils, responsible for making your Hondas bump, can?t respond to pros/
Like brass knuckles, don hit you in your throat you froze, you speechless you can?t reach us this is heat/ You beneath the weakest verse we ever speak, we seep through leaks, so boy better keep it tight/
The words is reapers right, career dying tonight, you screaming yikes, the verbal scope is lined in sight/
The mic is trigger when we explode your record get shivers your money is liver/
You could skip to the hook and find that we are the realest/

Verse 3 Furious
Lyrics is legendary and lethal deceitful people I see through/
Come a little closer and have a seat so I can teach you/
The meaning of Simplexx you got two mindframes simple/
And plain in one complex in the next St. Louis doin it wit/
Nelly Chingy and other black entrepreneurs since we ain?t mainstream /
We bustin up out of the sewers so if you feelin it girl go head n bounce/
To and all the thugs in the hood just blaze an ounce to it/
It?s time we?ve been exposed to djs that spin records/
Open the door mo so we can all be trendsetters/
St. Louis reppas like blues the rams and ninapop/
I suggest you quit poppin ya lip before the nina pop/
Your spleen?ll drop straight to the floor once I knock it out/
Snatchin ya platinum chain off ya neck then I rock it out/
I annialate mc?s with nouns predicates and verbs/
It?s so absurb how you gonna be merged with the earth.

Chorus Vision, Furious, Posqualy x2
We the realest up in this, represent to the finish/

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