Song Description

The Perfect day, the perfect feeling, everything is great.

Song Length 3:02 Genre Rap - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood In High Spirits
Language English Era 2000 and later


Verse 1 Vision
It?s a beautiful day, no fights or shootouts/
Not a trace of dem red and blue lights, it?s cool out/
No hustling for a meal, my cheese is straight/
I?m off work so I?m free to do me today/
I?m feelin great, a playa got cash in da bank/
And we can ride cause the truck got gas in da tank/
Smoke a spliff or two, try to find some shit that I can get into/
Drank a double deuce for boost to my pimpin juice/
Trynna get loose, man I love these days/
No tension in my neck, no work, all play/
It?s sunny outside, but the breeze is blowin/
Look at dem gurls face, man, dem breezys glowin/
Make ya feel like a kid again, just remeberin/
Back in da day when you used to play wit ya kin and nem/
Make ya hope the sun neva sets and it turns night/
Cause ya feel blessed to be livin ya life/

Verse 2 Furious
Hop in the whip pimpin, so we can bang the mall/
And cop a fresh Girbaud fit for the show tomorrow/
I gotta swing by the shop, so I can get paid/
And drop my niece of at TP?s so she can get her hair braided/
But I gotta, stop at corner and purchase some gas/
I spotted a fine red bone with a bu dunk a dunk ass/
I couldn?t let that pass, and I just had to jump down/
I introduced my self, she replied, seen you around/
Nice Creole chick, by the name of Mindy/
Realized I had her hook once she seen the West Indies/
Airforce ones, limited edition/
Later on I?ll be off in the tele hittin the kitten/
This script was written with intentions of pimpin/
So even if it?s raining outside, I?m not slippin/
Hypnotic sippin, so jump in the whip and/
Let?s see who can politic the most chikens pimpin/

Verse 3 Posqualy
I don?t know if it?s today, but every hit that I take, from this particular swisher got me fixing my face/
I?m feel geeked she perpendicular to my waist, insert this dick in her and watch expressions change on her face/
We did it yesterday woke up and had sex today, get little pecks on on my neck
before I sent her away/
I got some money in my pockets down kings highway, I lean sideways I seen sad days I?m ok/
I feel safe, I got pistol no need to spray, I lethal on feeble people, but I?m at eased the breeze is blowin/ Simplex is growin, they feeling our flowing, how tomorrow gone be, I can?t even call it player/
I know I?m gone politic some chickens at the mall later, while y?all being antisocial I spit game/
So don?t get emotional when I get brains, I want to know what your girl thinking her tongue twirls/
Tonight we gone drink until a nigga earls.

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Clean Clean

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