Midwest Style

Song Description

Represent Midwest and all across the world.

Song Length 3:37 Genre Rap - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood In High Spirits
Language English Era 2000 and later


1st Verse Posqualy

I been a rappin muthafucka since the day I was born/
That?s why lyric rip through that ass like you shitin out corn/
Rip me open until um torn and go deep in my loin/
Comin up with nothing but streets cause I reep what um sowing/
Last nigga told me bring it caught a leak in his growins/
He never make a broad peek just cheef off some porn/
Ya?ll like them babys that be teethin and teeth done start growin/
Ya?ll bite so much I cain?t believe it ya?ll weak and um knowin/
How could nigga be deceived when it?s raining and snowin/
Nigga yo game on sleet bout to slip when it?s pourin/
I make a clean sweep flowin the heeps is showin/
Just like them sacks that be skeet go quick when you blowin/
A storm is brewin it?s me posqualy and my hobbie is writing what ever I feel/
And in the slightest I come real, my minds eye got skill/
Go in depth and I can see the ability to to kill.


What ya?ll wanna do now, Midwest style/
St. Louis if ya wit me, hold it down now/
Get ya hands up throw a bow too/
It?s dirty over here, I tried to told you/

2nd verse furious

I spit shit that?ll make misfits behave nice/
And leave nigga?s baffled like flunking a grade twice/
Battling me like bringing a knife to a gunfight/
Don?t be surprised if I morph into satin and snatch your life/
Matter of fact I hand you the burner you shoot yourself/
Cause cutting a nigga life short is bad for your health/
Fuck no you dumb ass nigga I clap fools/
Got snipers on the rooftop waiting to clap you/
It?s that true I?ll run through your whole entire crew/
And murder that until you turn black and blue.

3rd Verse Vision

The flow is sickening, dirty like pig pens/
Hit licks when I spit sick shit and the track kicks in/
I?m swift when I fight with mic and make hits then/
Drank a couple bottles of gin, do it again and/
Listen to the sound of the streets when it hits bedrock/
They feel me underground like 50, I make heads nock/
Leave ya shell shocked, who don?t like me kid/
Got people askin they friends, yo who dat white boy is/
Callin the radio stations, please play it again ya?ll/
Dat boy raw, I gotta hear it again dog/
Keep us in rotation cause we killin the competition/
Ain?t even signed yet, still fearing the opposition/
We here to stay, so you best give us our clearances/
When the album drop, we?ll give you some guest appearances/

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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