Wise Woman

Song Description

A traveler meets a woman who is also on a journey. Their short interaction leaves a mark on the traveler that he can't clear his mind of. He goes back to find her to ask why she is so different

Song Length 6:44 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Non 4/4 Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Spirituality Similar Artists Leonard Cohen
Language English


There once was a wise woman
Travelling in the mountains on her own.
One day while looking into a stream
She found a most precious stone.

The next day she met another traveller
He was hungry and asked her for food.
Without hesitation she opened her bag
And shared freely with gratitude.

But his eyes were drawn to the glimmer
Of the stone that sparkled in the sun.
He asked her for that stone.
He'd never need to work again, if it could be won.

Straight way she handed it over
She gave herself no time to brood.
The traveller continued on his way
Thinking his luck had changed for good.

The traveller turned the stone in his nimble hands
His thoughts turned restless with time
How could she give me that stone.
Why had she paid it no mind?

Then he began to realise
How different they both were.
The stone now seemed worthless
He turned around and went back, to find her.

(He said)
Wise woman I thank you for your kindness
But I have come to return the stone.
It has weighed heavily on my mind.
Your light is more rare and unknown.

One final request I must ask of you
And please, with me bear.
How could you freely give me that stone?
What shines within, please share.

Lyrics Don Vicendese Music Don Vicendese
Producer Don Vicendese
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