the magic

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most of my lyrics are written by an american colleque Chris Vee,but these lyrics are mine.

Song Length 3:33 Genre Pop - Rock, Pop - Europop
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerful Subject Happiness
Similar Artists Sting, Sting Language English
Era 2000 and later


Music&Lyrics: Simon Neighbour


1. You and I were ment to be lock and a key. It was plain to see that's reality.
We were born to meet some rainy day. I don't resist I won't change it at all.

Chorus: If I run if I walk, there's got to be the magic. If I want

if I dream of You then magic flows. If You run if you walk there's got to be

the magic. If you want if you dream of me then magic flows.

2. You travelled far away where no one can see.
To hide the power-stream connecting our dreams.
The link of our hearts is flexibility don't you resist you won't change it at all.
If I run if I walk...

I told you this: don't loose the kiss; the key to paradise of us.
You called my name, I changed my ways from darkness to reality.
The fallen trips the sins; the risks are all forgiven. The ifs and buts the when
and why's have all vanished.

If I runÂ?

Nice guitar tones. Nice musical textures. I like the key-change at the bridge - very effective! Nice use of dynamics! Love the sax solo - nice touch!

Good production.

nice "friendly" opening to the song, good vibe. nice pace and jump to this happy tune. like the bridge and the build after...!

Very nice tune. Liked how it seemed bouncy and happy with both the sound and theme. That worked. Along with that the section at 2:02 had some nice drive to it that made both ends fresher sounding and gave more weight and character to the piece. Liked that sax bit at 2:30 as well.

Sounds nice, a little like Sting. I think you can get a lot of movie/tv placement

great intro. love the guitar sound you have. very distinctive vocals. good song

A well thought out very catchy song! Well played instruments and well sung! Great stuff!

I like this song it reminds me of Police ,Sting I liked the sax line nice arrangement the vocals in the bridge are cool and the sax solo grate

I really like the guitar riff and melody..very nice..
very catchy chorus also! nice vocals..
big thumbs up from me!! :-) well done

good upbeat song , unique vocalist.
makes me think of an up tempo 'supertramp'

Lyrics simo naapuri Music simo naapuri
Producer same
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