The Prey of Nantahala Lake

Story Behind The Song

Written from the warped perception of the fugitive (Eric Rudolph)about his ability to out-wit the FBI who are on a massive manhunt for him in Nantalhala National Forest.

Song Description

Fugitive (Eric Rudoph, Olympic City bomber) on the run from the FBI; hiding in Nantahala National Forest.

Song Length 4:29 Genre Rock - Classic, Rock - Progressive Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Anxious, Aggressive Subject Prisoner, Judgement
Similar Artists Emerson, Lake And Palmer, Fleetwood Mac Language English
Era 2000 and later


Shine, all Your light around me.
Breathe on the lake.
Here, summit forests shade me,
Dweller of the caves.

Terrorist of the city,
I walked alone.
A fear to the reapers,
Of the seeds that had been sown.

Stalked by man and beast,
And soon by winter's wrath,
I roam when I hear footsteps,
Creep along my path.

I am the prey of Nantahala Lake.
I am the prey of Nantahala Lake.

Stars, by the billions gleaming.
Heaven lights my way.
Trials, of survival training, versus
Agents and Beret.

In this wilderness of plenty,
I'm a thief in the night.
Filled with the thrill of fear,
Will I flee or fight?

Combing through a sea of trees,
Am I near or far?
With scent and sight, they cannot find me,
'Cause I know where they are.

With a thousand eyes,
They search in vain.

For the prey of Nantahala Lake.
I am the prey of Nantahala Lake.
I am the prey of Nantahala Lake.

In the land, of the midday sunrise,
The "Trail of Tears" will turn,
When, they grow tired of waiting,
I will return.

Terrorist of the city,
Though I'll stalk alone,
A brother's hand falls to prove,
The believer's camp has grown.

Legend says they'll realize,
When they fall upon the stone.
When the innocent are forced to pay,
Generations are never known

Lyrics Joseph A. Nuccio Music Joseph A. Nuccio, Vincent P. Varco
Producer Joseph A. Nuccio, Vincent P. Varco Publisher JNI Inc.
Performance Gina Gonzalez (vocals), Vince Varco (keys/drums), Joe Nuccio (bass), Dave Uhrich (Guitars) Label JNI Records
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