Gold In All The Blue

Song Length 3:41 Genre Pop - Alternative


Time wont ever hold its breath
Life goes on and on
I'm always looking forward
But memories keep me strong
Flipping through my year book
Your faces comes alive
Then I read the things you said
And it makes me realize

Your words are music to my ears
And I can't forget all the time we spent
All the laughter and the tears
Oh, when I'm lost
I can find myself in you
You can see the gold in all the blue

All the jokes we shared
They still make me laugh
Reading through our secret notes
Brings your voice back from the past
Don't know how put up
With all my boyfriend news
You've been there for me
And I'll be there for you


But the clock ticked on
It's a whole new day
Now I'm standin' here
1200 miles away
Old photographs may fade to grey
But you and will always stay the same


Lyrics McClure, Machin, Lavelle Music Andrew Machin
Producer Andrew Machin Performance Sherry Lavelle

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