"Morning Blues" for Violin & Piano

Story Behind The Song

This piece depicts a man waking up one morning, dragging himself to the bathroom to wash up, suddenly realizing that he was late for work, and when frantically brushing his teeth, he realized that.... it was a Sunday! With a big sigh (depicted by the violin glissando), the man dragged himself back to bed, and upon his head touching the pillow, he immediately drifted off to slumberland.

Song Length 2:24 Genre Blues - General, Jazz - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Pleasant, Relaxed
Subject Life Era 1990 - 1999

Amazing musicianship, very nice! I'm guessing a serious music background.

nice soft beginning. like how you hesitate the beat, change it up, so as not to be boring. reminds of a film score. maybe chaplin or somebody like that.

Very nice, didn't realise it was live to the end. Love the "blue note".

Performance Ms LIM Shue Churn (violin) & Ms LOW Shao Suan (piano)
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