Love Bubble

Story Behind The Song

This song was inspired by a female co-work who was in an emotionaly abusive relationship.

Song Description

Love Bubble is a metaphorical song about filling someone up with love and making them feel on top of the world just to take it away. Its about building someone up just to tear them down.

Song Length 3:25 Genre Rock - New Wave, Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Engaging, Adorable
Subject Dysfunctional Relations, Heartbreak Similar Artists Blondie, Franz Ferdinand
Language English Era 1980 - 1989


Verse 1
You filled me up, you let me go. Above the world I flew. You caught my string, you pulled me back and now I'm oh so blue. Repeat
You broke my love bubble. Heart shaped, irredecent puddle. You broke my love bubble. You broke my love bubble!
Verse 2
You waved your wand and out I flew. On a cloud I sat. Or so I thought until you brought a pin and left me flat. Repeat
Verse 3
You blew me up like Hubba Bubba, caught me in your grasp. You squeezed so tight I couldn't breath and now I've gone flat. Repeat

Lyrics Sexy Ester and The Pretty Mama Sisters Music Sexy Ester and The Pretty Mama Sisters
Producer Sexy Ester and The Pretty Mama Sisters and Paul Schulter Publisher La Fierce
Performance Sexy Ester and The Pretty Mama Sisters Label Slothtrop Music
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