Drop Me a Line

Song Length 2:43 Genre Jazz - Classic, Jazz - Standards
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Content, Relaxed Subject General
Language English



DROP ME A LINE, come see me some time,
Let's go out when you?re in town
I'll put on a dress, you better look your best,
'Cause when you see me, you'll hit the ground
I expect you'll come early, if not I'll be surely disappointed ?
Don't let me down

Take me out to a show, I'll be ready to go,
I'm wanting to be your girl
I'll give you a chance to give me lots of romance,
Just spin me around in a whirl
Then hold me tight, and whisper goodnight ?
When you kiss me, my toes will curl

I like to go out a lot, why don't you give it a shot,
Write me whenever you can
You got that address of mine, why don't you DROP ME A LINE
If you're wanting to be my man


So don't hesitate, call me up for a date,
Bring flowers and a bottle of wine
Hold open the door, baby you know the score ?
Good manners are always divine
It's the last time I'll sing it, call my phone up and ring it, or
Go on and DROP ME A LINE

© 2006 Mikhael Ser

Lyrics Mikhael Ser Music Mikhael Ser
Producer Mikhael Ser Publisher Mikhael Ser
Performance Mikhael Ser, Vocals by Sara McDonald
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