My Reason

Story Behind The Song

The story is based upon one persons journey through life, unknowingly gathering pieces of wisdom, like the pieces of a jig saw puzzle. The final puzzle can now be fully admired with the placement of the final piece. A song of optimism and joy which not only has meaning to the songwriter but will touch a place in everyone's heart and gently waken the child within.

Song Description

A spiritual journey from the subconscious to the personal awakening of the meaning of life. Messages which had always been present but not always fully understood.

Song Length 4:09 Genre Unique - General, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Mood Joyful, Enchanting Subject Spirituality, Joy
Language English


© Sean Deegan 2006

My Reason

An early memory of a child,
who knew how to laugh and always smiled,
An innocent face, an adventurous mind,
who knew nothing but only how to be kind

To give your love , the sweetest joy,
would outgrow the excitement of any new toy.
The warmth you feel when its sent and received,
and a burning desire to always believe.

But when you grow up, the powers that be,
will send you lessons so they can see,
Whether or not there?s an Angel with you,
holding your hand so you always stay true.

The greatest gift you can ever hold,
is the child within you who never grows old,
To remember the joy of unconditional love ,
and believe that the Fairies are the stars up above.

The Fairy Tales that have always been told ,
are a lesson in themselves, a joy to behold.
For the lesson to learn which most do not see,
is they?re real , not made up, and they include me.

When you read the stories, you re heart skips a beat,
the child within you is smiling so sweet,
For only they can see that dreams can come true,
the only thing that will stop them happening is you.

Hold on to your dreams and squeeze them tight,
people will try to take them and make you lose sight
They are lessons that are sent , once they have been learnt,
you get the Golden Ticket that you have earnt.

You never know when it?ll happen, you have to have faith,
hold onto your dreams and keep them safe,
Believe in yourself and believe in your dream,
when the Angels look down, your glow will be seen.

I believe that my dream has come true,
my childhood wish is here and its there in you
To Love and be Loved through every season,
You are my Prince, You are My Reason.

Lyrics Sharon Deegan Music Sean & Sharon Deegan
Producer Sean Deegan Performance Sean, Sharon & Paul Deegan
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