Butterflies and Rainbows (scott mix)

Story Behind The Song

My good friend Jenny was listening to several of my songs about heartache, heartbreak, infidelity, etc . . and said "you need to write a song about happy things, you know, like butterflies and rainbows or something . . . " Woke up next morning singing this song. Not exactly "happy", but it DOES have butterflies and rainbows in it . . . Thanks Jen.

Song Description

out-of-work father realizes how blessed he is

Song Length 3:42 Genre Folk - Country, Folk - Religious


A week into December
The boss said come on in here
Then said Son I?m gonna have to let you go

So I went out to find a job
Ended up at the North Star Mall
Hired as a part-time Santa Claus

I was sittin? in that big ol? chair
Feelin? sorry for myself
Seeing all those families
All doing all so well

Then a little blond-haired child
Carefully walked up the aisle
She reached my chair and raised her arms to me

She seemed to know the beard was fake
When she reached up and felt my face
I realized then the child couldn?t see

But I started my routine
Said rather thoughtlessly
What would you like
To see beneath your tree

She said
Butterflies and rainbows
Are what I?d like to see
I?ve been wonderin? all my life
What colors they might be
So if you come to my house
On this Christmas Eve
I?ll leave milk and cookies
If you?ll leave for me
Butterflies and Rainbows
Underneath my tree

She reached up to say goodbye
And gently touched my face
Please don?t cry Dear Santa
If you can?t do it it?s okay

?Cause she could feel those tears
I hoped others couldn?t see
And I headed home that evening
And held my family
And knew that God had sent that girl
To teach me how to see

Butterflies and Rainbows
Are what I love to see
They remind me of His child
And all He?s given me
Butterflies and rainbows
Such lovely mysteries
Filled with all the colors of my life
She taught me how to see
The lovely colors of my life
She taught me how to see

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