Song Length 3:56 Genre Folk - Alternative, Country - Alternative
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Delighted
Subject Father Language English
Era 2000 and later



I?m gonna be a good daddy, daddy
Mama, I?m gonna be a good man

I?m gonna take out the trash, and make that last beer last
I?m gonna cut that grass so fast that it won?t grow, no, no

Gonna straighten up that room and put away those shoes
And put a string on that old news so it don?t blow, blow, blow

Gonna turn out them lights and close that back door tight
Gonna treat my woman right and hold her close, so close

Gonna take what?s right from wrong, leave the blame where it belongs
Turn a moment into a song and let it roll, roll, roll

Just a handful of footsteps, I followed as they fell
And a little change will do me well

Gonna think before I choose, be a winner when I lose
Give away what I don?t use anymore, for sure

Gonna give up all my time to make a better life than mine
And take another Sunday ride take it slow, slow, slow

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