Soul of the World

Story Behind The Song

A Dream of a girl he has never met, and the quest to find his soul mate

Song Description

Ukele alternative folk. Finding your soul mate

Song Length 2:36 Genre Folk - Alternative, Unique - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Mood Blissful, Adorable
Subject Searching for Love Era 2000 and later

This is a great song. Its perfect in its rawness. Thank you for sharing this song. Its a great theme and a cute way of expressing it. Awesome! Marketing this song should be quite easy. Placement in a film is an obvious choice.

lots of passion in the performance, it's sort infectious.

I got a great feeling from this song. Reminiscent of bands i love like Violent Femmes, Flaming Lips, Modest Mouse, etc. Enjoyed it.

Enjoyed the song, upbeat and a good story told. Good musical arrangement.

This is a great love song under the Folk category. It is upbeat and make you feel happy. It can also fall in the country category.

The first few chords were interesting but when the melody started, I was HOOKED! Very contemporary and publishable for sync & placement. This song will find a home. Made for Film and TV!

Fun song! The ukulele is a great choice for this. I like that zippy sound at the beginning.

Great song subject! Your voice is very catchy as well as the song in general!

It's a cute song with a bouncy rhythm and appealing lyrics for the fun side of life.

is that a tenor guitar or ukulele? wonderful approach to the subject of love leaves the listener with a smile upon the face. the sparse arrangement creates the sense that she was in the room while you performed. (bet you made her smile, too).

pretty cool tune--i like it!--great writing--nice composing--just for fun!--great one to do live in a coffe shop!--ha ha!--cheers--joe.

Lyrics s.saunders Music s.saunders
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