Time Waits for no Man

Song Description

The song which I really consider as Medieval Rock, is about a Knight going into battle. This Knight, has an image in his mind of a beautiful Lady. However, he doesn't know if he really knows or has ever seen this lady before. As the intensity of the battle increases, he keep's seeing her in his mind. You have to Listen the song, to get the whole story. I play all instruments (except basic drum beat) and sing all voices. If you listen closely you hear me doing a duet with a female in the background. The female singing is me! I used a TC Helicon VoiceWorks, in gender changer mode. If I ever decide to have a sex change (not planned anytime in the future) this is what I would sound like as a woman, I guess?

Song Length 4:55 Genre Rock - Gothic, Rock - Classic
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Era Before 1600


Words and Music
Stephen A. Argereow
Copyright@ 2008

I saw her face, across the centuries,
was she there, or just a dream.
She lingers , and haunts my memories
I know in my heart, she was the one for me!

As I go on I near the Lords of war.
As each new moment moves I draw close to Heavens door.
And still I think of her, thru this time and space.
In this torturous, tempest time, you'll see the torment on my face

As the battle rages on, her image comes to me
My heart is pounding now, to meet eternity.
In Sol's blinding glare, I see my comrades fall
But still we move on, hearing Duties Call

Time Waits for No Man
It flows forward; like the sea.
The King's of past; are calling
With their haunting melody

With Nights and Lords, Tales to be told
Heavy with our fate, and steel so cold
With swords of red, and shields of gold
Ever moving on, in ye days of old.

As I reach the wall, time has stopped for me.
All is rage and fire, as far as I can see.
Is this my end, has my time come to pass.
The times of my life, fleeting do not last

Time Waits for No Man
It flows forward; like the sea.
The King's of past; are calling
With their haunted symphony

My eyes now closed, she comes to greet me
And lead me on my new journey
Valhalla bound, I feel at peace now
And my spirit, can finally be free.

Lyrics Steve Argereow Music Steve Argereow
Producer Steve Argereow Performance Drums by Sonar all other Instruments and Vocals by Steve Argereow
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