Song Description

Amicable break up

Song Length 4:31 Genre Blues - Country, Blues - Country
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Passive, Content Subject Breaking Up
Language English


By Samy Jo & Eric "E-Train" Manning
Copyright © 2014 Samy Jo
©11/2014 Samantha Lavern Crow, Crow Entertainment Services (BMI)

Verse 1
Said you don't have to sugar coat for me
I'm already sweet
Just goin and say what you mean
Cause you know me
Yeah, you know me
See, I would rather die with the truth
Than live a lie
You start with "It isn't you..."
How contrite

This thing we had was fun
But then it changed, I agree
When all is said and done
We just weren't meant to be
I just don't understand
Why your treading lightly
I'm a big girl, Don't have to
Let me down easy
Don't let me down easy

Verse 2
I promise in won't fight
I won't even shed a tear
Some people come for life
And others for years



Now, you don't have to let me down easy
Just goin head and rip it off
Like a Band aid


Verse1 & Verse 2 combined


Lyrics Samy Jo Music Eric "E-train" Manning
Producer Timothy "TMo" Moore Performance Samy Jo
Label unsigned
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