Love of my life

Story Behind The Song

Written for a wedding. A song about how falling in love when you least expect it can completely change your world.

Song Description

A song about someone who never thought that anything important or exciting would happen in their life. When they finally meet someone and fall in love, it changes their whole outlook on life, and they realise that love itself is the greatest achieveme

Song Length 4:20 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Classical - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood On Cloud Nine, Blissful Subject Falling in Love, Searching for Love
Similar Artists Leann Rimes, Trisha Yearwood Language English
Era 2000 and later


I've never been lucky, I've always been just one in the crowd.
I never was able. to see out from under the clouds that surrounded me.
But you found me, when I longed to be found.
I fell in love and my life turned around.

CH: And it's true, they say that love is blind,
But I didn't see it come in.
And it's you I'm keeping at my side,
For always.
Here we stand, hand in hand,
I found the love of my life.

We made a promise, to love with our hearts and our minds.
I'm so amazed at the joy we've been able to find in each other.
Now, I need you more than I can say.
You breathe life into me everyeday.


I've never been lucky, I've always been just one in the crowd.
Now, I'm in love and I'm sailing above all the clouds,
That once surrounded me.
You found me when I longed to be found.
I'll always be in your arms, safe and sound.


Lyrics Samantha Mooney Music Samantha Mooney
Producer Roulf Commandeur Performance Samantha Mooney
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