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Song Length 4:04 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Small town girl, a Valedictorian
Straight A kid with time for band
Loved her life as much as she loved her folks
And she knew they'd understand

That she had college plans and bigger dreams
More than any one horse town could hold


With the wind against her back
And with an angel on each side
Nothing but open skies ahead
Yes it was time for her to her fly

Autumn came a little too fast for them
Baby girl was good to go
Bags were packed, and all the goodbyes were said
Mamma's pain -she'd never show

And Oklahoma State just couldn't wait
Dad and her drove up that silent day

Repeat chorus

Life goes on back home in that prairie town
Mom and dad are doing fine
And their girl has only got six months left
Those four years just flew right by

Someday she'll be a loving mother
And the story will repeat itself

Repeat chorus twice

Lyrics Ryan Martinez Music Rolf Schnyder
Producer Stacy Hogan
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Clean Clean

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