Time To Be Free

Song Length 3:37 Genre Country - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Time To Be Free
c. 2006 Ryan Martinez

You put me on the spot
so I'll speak my mind
Maybe I'll hurt you
and the words won't be kind

But I can't fake this
I won't even try
I'll break your heart first
before I live a lie

It's a cold world outside
but colder in here
Well I've got nothing to lose
and nothing to fear

No I can't stand this
and I can't stand me
Maybe it's time for goodbye
time to be free

You put me in a box
and I can't even breathe
You locked me up tight
hoping I'd never leave

If I don't thank you
please understand
I was born free baby
and that's still the plan

Repeat Chorus

I wish I could find gentle words
string you along
Make you believe things could change
that maybe I'm wrong

But I can't play that
you know me too well
This love was half heaven
the other half hell

Repeat Chorus

Lyrics Ryan Martinez Music Ryan Martinez
Producer Jesse Jones Performance Jesse Jones
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