Just Go

Song Length 3:13 Genre Country - General


Just Go

The day of reckoning has come
It's time to fix this mess
I thought I'd change you in the end
But now I must confess

I've never been so big a fool
I know that much is true
You done me wrong but I won't cry
I don't look good in blue

So just go- take your act and hit the road
Just go-what you reaped is what you sowed
Just go-I don't need you anymore
Just go-didn't need you much before

You compromise, deal with the lies
It's for the greater good
That's what I told myself for years
My mamma said I should

I looked away for far too long
Pretended we were fine
Stand by your man, that was the plan
But baby not this time

Repeat Chorus

Musical Bridge

Yes I can face the facts head on
Without a tear in sight
I gave you everything that I had
The best years of my life

You think you're such a clever fox
You thought it was for free
But you'll be writing checks to me
Until you're 93

Repeat chorus twice, fade

Lyrics Ryan Martinez Music Ryan Martinez
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