I'm Strong Enough

Song Description

Pop rock ala Pink

Song Length 3:41 Genre Pop - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject Dysfunctional Relations


I?m Strong Enough
Ryan Martinez c. 1996

I could never understand
The way you choose to play your hand
You think I?m blind, that I don?t know
which way a cold wind?s gonna blow

No need to hash things out again
Cause neither one of us can win
The truth is obvious to see
The truth is you just don?t love me


Baby it?s not a crime
To fall in and out of love
Tell me and I?ll be fine
You know that I?m strong enough

I could hope for better times
Close my eyes to all the signs
But I?m not wishing anymore
This thing is over, and I?m sure

So live your life and just be free
Cause that?s the way it?s got to be
I?m not about to fall apart
You took my time but not my heart

Repeat chorus twice?

Well isn?t life a funny thing
When something sweet like love can sting
I guess that love?s a wicked game
But I never thought I?d see this change

And who?d have guessed it wouldn?t last
So quickly you?d become my past
It seems like now you?re not so sure
Well let me help you find the door

Repeat chorus 3 times, fade out

c. 1996

Lyrics Ryan Martinez Music Ryan Martinez
Producer Keith Sterling Performance Felice Hernandez
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