Guardian Of Your Heart

Story Behind The Song

I wrote this for a friend who thought that he had no hope of ever finding someone to fall in love with, who would love him back unconditionally. He had been burned byy a number of women, and although I loved him as a friend, I knew that there was someone

Song Description

A love song - someone watching almost secretly, hoping to be noticed by the one she has a crush on.

Song Length 4:12 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Pop - Dreampop
Mood Engaging Subject Madly In Love, Angels
Language English Era 2000 and later


I've been keeping my eye on you
I've been watching your every move
something tells me I could be good for you

Someone told me you've had it hard
Happiness isn't in your cards
Looking for love up annd down the boulevard

Now you're wondering where the time has gone by
and you're wondering if you've even got a reason to try

Let me be the guardian of your heart
Let me be the guardian of your heart
I could be the guardian of your heart

Once a fool for love, now it's left you here
given in too your every fear
what will you do when the right one does appear?

Someone told me you've had it rough
Seems to me you're afraid to trust again.
You can talk to me, I will be there for you

And I'll watch over you and keep you from harm
I would never hurt you, never let you think
it's something I could do


Lyrics Roslyn Catracchia Music Roslyn Catracchia
Producer David Kauahikaua and Roslyn Catracchia Publisher Mistralwind
Performance Roslyn Catracchia vocals Label Mistralwind Records
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