And They Pass On By

Story Behind The Song

I was living in New York for a short time. Being from Hawaii, it was a VERY different experience for me. One of the overwhelming differences was the number of homeless people I saw there. One young homeless girl caught my attention in a huge way, however.

Song Description

song about homelessness from a homeless person's point of view

Song Length 4:24 Genre Pop - Dreampop, New Age - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Serene, Poignant Subject Loneliness
Language English


And they pass on by
they don't say a word
they just close their eyes
pretend they hadn't heard

look the other way
cross the street right there
every now and then
there's a flicker that one cares

cold now, getting old now,
never told how
life unravels so quickly,
does someone miss me
anyone miss me at all

and they pass on by
sometimes every day
tossing half a glance
then they're quickly on their way

hardening their hearts
i guess it must be done
we all get torn apart
by many or by one

choosing and abusing,
then we're losing
the ones that matter dearly
want you near me
can you hear me

i'm not the one i seem to be
i'm not the one they seem to see
if I could check the map or change the rules
blessed are the children and the fools

and they pass on by
close to where i stand
i can hear them breathe
but cannot touch ttheir hand

it's strange but in a way
it's just a simple touch
that i've come to want
that can mean so much
and they pass on by

Lyrics Roslyn Catracchia Music Roslyn Catracchia
Producer Roslyn Catracchia and David Kauahikaua Publisher mistralwind
Performance Roslyn Catracchia vocals Label Mistralwind Records
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