Non Lasciarmi Cosi

Story Behind The Song

This song speaks to an age when women were left behind by husbands, boyfriends that vacated southern Italy to seek a better life overseas. Life in Southern Italy was the pits for the peasants, and many towns were left without a single man except the elderly. Many man simply remarried in their new country, abandoning the wives and children in the old country.

Song Description

We've taken this traditional piece and given a modern, driving arrangement that heightens the intensity of the emotion.

Song Length 3:18 Genre World - European, World - Middle Eastern
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Restless, Disconcerted Subject Long, History, Past
Language Italian Era 1900 - 1920


Non Lasciarmi Cosi - Don't Leave Me Like This!

Scrivi mi, non tenermi piu in pena!
Una frase, ?na righa bena, calmerano il mio dolor.
Sara forse l?addio che vuol? dare al core mio:
Scrivi mi; non lasciarmi cosi!
Quando tu sei partito, m?hai donnat? una rosa,
Oggi e triste e sfiorita, come questo mio cor.
L?ho bagnato di pianto, per ridarle la vita.
Ma il tuo amore soltanto l?acqua far rifiori!

Write me, don?t leave me in pain
Just a single phrase, a line will soothe my ache
Perhaps this is goodbye that you?re giving my heart
Write me, don?t leave me like this!

When you left, you gave me a rose
Today, it?s withered, like my heart
I bathe it with tears to renew it,
But only your love is the water of life

Lyrics Traditional Music Original arrangement by Liata
Label Orbis World Records - independent
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