Long Long Road

Story Behind The Song

A person struggling with alcohol and drug abuse. Somebody from the outside looking in knows that the person will hit bottom as painful as it is to watch.

Song Description

This is a story about a person struggling with addiction.

Song Length 3:19 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Folk - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Distressed, Heartbreaking Subject Addiction, Loneliness
Language English Era 2000 and later


It's a long, long road, going nowhere, looking for somewhere, to call home.
It's a long, long time, forever, Thinkin bout never... going home.
It's a long, long time, in the darkness, in the shadows, and out of sight.
It's a cold, cold, world, that we live in....my body's shivering, cold as ice.

Have a cigarette, have another beer....what you do here,feels like nobody cares.

It's a long, long time, till tomorrow, living in sorrow, living in fear.
It's a long way down...to the bottom, with the chill of autumn, hanging in the air.

Find a hole, crawl inside....you can run, but you cannot hide.
Come to the surface, gasping for air, feels like your drowning,and nobody cares........

It's a long, long road, going nowhere, looking for somewhere, to call home.

good strong vocals. fine song

Nice dramatic chords and opening vocals........song builds nicely.........very atmospheric........

great feel to this, good arrangement with nicely layered instruments. Good vocal, confidently performed, nice pathos in the voice

Lyrics Ann-Marie (Duca) Sarja Music Ann-Marie (Duca) Sarja Ron Sarja
Producer Ron Sarja Performance Ann-Marie (Duca) Sarja Ron Sarja

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