Fashion Walk

Story Behind The Song

Standing inside a shop one day, looking out and watching the passers by, I was intrigued by how many women are appearing to window shop but are actually in the process of admiring their own reflections in the windows. I guess in some ways it's about vanit

Song Description

This song is a sexy, sassy commentary on the transformation that occurs when an ordinary woman dresses in current fashion. She feels different, walks different, and every man wants her.

Song Length 4:15 Genre Pop - Dreampop
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Charming, On Cloud Nine Subject Clothes, Sexual Fantasy
Language English Era 2000 and later


FASHION WALK Ron Fairbairn© 2001

The lobby bell rings
The doors open wide
And out she comes
She sashays across the mezzanine

The men..they freeze
They?re driven to their knees
She?s a rumba bum mama
And she?s a fashion queen

Eyes hunger for a peek
She?s lickerish , she?s chic
She?s a torture test in bodydress
She steals the scene

Their necks?they twist
Men make their mental lists
At night they?ll kiss the menu
Of this dream cuisine

She?s got her own private runway
She?s on a fashion walk
A fashion walk
It looks so good it makes her cheeks blush
She?s on a fashion walk
She?s out to ?man crush?

As she glides down the street it looks as though she?s checkin? out the shop windows, but really, you know
She?s looking at the reflections of herself
All the glass plays back like a hall of mirrors
And as she gets nearer the men all stop and stare
But if she look?s ?em in the eye it?s like they?re buried alive
Look Out now this one is dressed to kill

Sit back, cling tight
And watch the room ignite
She's a torture test in body dress
She steals the scene

Tricked out so slick
She?s randy through and through
She loves her expeditions
up Fifth Avenue

Lyrics Ron Fairbairn Music Ron Fairbairn
Producer Marwood Publisher unpublished

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