wings (mighty everafter)

Song Description

a song about mortality and preparing for it

Song Length 3:19 Genre Folk - Traditional
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Peaceful
Subject Spirituality, Heaven


wings (mighty everafter)

i'm not waiting around for my salvation
i'm going to get fitted for my wings
i think they will look good on me
and you know they go with everything

why wait, there's no reason to delay
why wait, 'cause you know i'm on my way
to get my wings
i'm getting fitted for my wings

now i'm not waiting for the mighty everafter
i'm standing in the middle of today
i'm not going to wait until the crying is over
i just can't stand around all day and prey

now you know that i'm an optimist
when i say there's something more than this
there's no need to be surprised
when the time comes i'll be ready to fly

the thing about today is
it's the main thing you got going
distractions come and go
you got to keep the ball a'rollin

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