Song Description

Upbeat instrumental that inspires speed for driving, and creativity for customizing

Song Length 1:53 Genre Electronic - Ambient, Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Language No Language Era 2000 and later

I really dug the beat. The recording quality is good. Very cool instrumental!

A strong production with excellent beats and varied but well-blended use of instruments and FX. Can see this being used for a sync placement.

Great potential in the groove.

I do a fair amount of synth and sequencing work. So Nice job on leaving space for the instruments in the effects. This tune has potential for video and film. The intro is very cool! You did a very good job with the percussion...not too busy...it punches well. Excellent use of synth instruments and e.q that makes placement in the mix work. It's a very good job!

This really grabs the listener's ear!! Interesting tense, "clock is ticking" kind of vibe! Sound fx and musicianship sound great!!

Nice fancy sounds.Very Good arrangement

I really like the instrument choices for the sound you wanted. Also liked the production. It was very clean and tight. Not sure if you had a hook but for songs like this not always necessary. I definitely hear this in a movie or television scene. Great track and very well done. Keep it up,

Love all the sounds chosen for this composition!! Very Sci Fi sounding, could work in many situations, Film, TV Commercials, could be made into a song, the possibilities are actually quite endless! Love to hear more! We don't write strictly sounds, so this genre is a tad unusual....but still very creative. Great Job people!!!

Interesting and captivating intro.. The song is just the right length. Could be easily used as a sound track. Well recorded.

This a bumpin' electronic ambient track! it floats and out on a sparse beat that's shout and sweet! Half of a longer song, perhaps? Doesn't matter, The track is put together great...to want to here a little more of it. My own lyrics running through my head as I was listening. It's great to hear tracks this good!

I love the sound of the drums, especially in the intro - very cool. Keyboard and sound effects very good as well.

Music Twan B Producer Twan B
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