Song Description

Inspirational, relaxing instrumental good for thought or creation, as well as background and underscore.

Song Length 4:46 Genre Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Mood Relaxed
Music Twan B Producer Twan B
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Playlist Creator Playlist Name Date Added
Cyn A-Team Producers 3/18/2018
Cyn Atmospheric! 3/18/2018
Cyn Magical journeys in music 3/18/2018
Cyn Production Originality 3/18/2018
Cyn Edgy soundtrack 3/18/2018
Cyn World Vision 3/18/2018
Cyn Songs of the Spirit 3/18/2018
Cyn Beautiful soundtracks 3/18/2018
Cyn Beautiful music 3/18/2018
Cyn Songs of mystery & beauty 3/18/2018
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