Let's Go Out and See the Lights

Song Length 3:55 Genre Unique - Holiday, Unique - Holiday
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Welcoming, On Cloud Nine Subject Light, Encouragement
Similar Artists Michael Buble, Tony Bennett Language English
Era 1940 - 1949


Let's Go Out and See the Lights

Verse 1
Let's go out and see the lights, its Christmas time tonight
It may be cold but we'll be bold and bundle up real tight
And even though the winds may blow, we'll be safe and warm
Just you and me, the Christmas trees and walking arm in arm

Verse 2
Far from the pace of a shoppers race there is a place I know
Where we can spy on a starry sky, make angels in the snow
We'll take a sleigh ride that never ends and build a snow man too
And make a wish, sealed with a kiss like lovers do

No matter the weather I'll stay close together with you
You'll hold me close and we'll make the most of this Yuletide, so bright

Verse 3
So let's go out and see the lights, it's Christmastime tonight
The city lights are shining bright, it's such a wondrous sight
We'll reminisce and steal a kiss then we can go inside
And light a fire and let desire fill the night

Chorus 2
We'll toast by that fire and sip on a cider or two
You'll hold me close and we'll make the most of this Yuletide love light

So let's go out and see the lights, it's Christmas time tonight
Well make a vow lets do it now there's love in every glorious view
All shiny and new
So let's go out and see the lights like lovers do
We'll make a memory that will last our whole lives through
Oh let's go out and see the lights just me an you

Let's go out and see the lights
Let's go out and see the lights

© 2011 by Robert J. Sartore and Sherrie E. Sartore

Lyrics Rob Satori Music Rob Satori
Producer Rob Satori Publisher Web Adventures LLC
Performance Rob Satori Label Rob Satori Entertainment
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