Certified Crazy

Song Description

Certified Crazy For Lovin You !! Certified Crazy in Love With You !

Song Length 3:44 Genre Country - General, Country - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject Relationship Similar Artists Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler
Language English Era 2000 and later


Certified Crazy ©2013 ASCAP
Words & Music Rob Cariddi


Crazy (Crazy -Backgrounds )
Aww Crazy (Crazy-Backgrounds )
What in the world can I do
I'm certified Crazy ....... For lovin you
Oh I gotta be Crazy (Crazy- Backgrounds)
I Must be Crazy (Cra-zy- Backgrounds)
Oh I Can't deny it, it's true
I'm certified crazy ... .. for ever lovin you


Well ,Well What do you know
Look who decided to show up
And come knockin on my front door
Lookin like hell
With a story to tell
That I've heard soo many times before


You can hardly stand
cheap flowers in hand
Ohhh and smellin like a still
Sayin , baby let me in
It won't happen again
But I know, ohh I know that it will
I gotta be Crazy (Cra-zy -Backgrounds )
I must be crazy (Cra-zy -Backgrounds )
But What in the world can I do
I'm certified crazy ... ..for ever lovin you ohhhhh



You know...... all you gotta do is
bat them baby blues and
you put me under your spell
Oh Then its, Pretty please
And you start kissin on me
Ohhh you know me soo well

H-3 & outro

I gotta be Crazy
I must be Crazy
Ohh, I can't deny it, it's true
Certified Crazy
For ever lovin you
But What in the world can I do
I'm certified crazy
Crazy in love .......
With you (hold)
Yea -ohhh - (Cra-zy its true -Backgrounds)
Certified Crazy
Crazy in love ....... With you

Lyrics Rob Cariddi Music Rob Cariddi
Producer Stacy Hogan http://awritersparadise.com Publisher RC Mellifluous Music Publishing
Performance Amber Rose
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