I Am Nothing

Song Description

The sound: sampled, backwardsy drums form the songs's unrelenting heartbeat...A backwards-sounding, octivey bassline that flanges into the corus's towerly cresendo form the ever-present backbone, and the vocals are a back-and-forth conversation between an up close, trembling character, an overdriven, slightly confrontational one, and another who hauntingly screams the chant "I am nothing!" in the distance. Subject matter: an exploration of existential angst. Trapped in the somewhat goriness of our physical realities, eating each other and our selves just to survive, striving and struggling, acheiving, taking on roles, we discover the horrible truth: that when you look really close, down to the molecular level, we are really nothing.

Song Length 2:45 Genre Electronic - General, Rock - Psychedelic


I am like the snake swallowing its own tail,
bottomless vase on the cosmic potter?s wheel,
a frankenstein mish-mash of my own experience,
not really original at all.

Create myself everyday because I am what I eat;
a vulture scavenging on my own memories,
a giant tube, a container, the great accommodator,
caving in on myself, re-digest what I excrete.

Take away these aching spaces,
longing for dead people, places,
Take away these hollow dreams
and you will find that I am nothing.

I am nothing!

I am building up on a toothpick foundation
the Stonehenge of my anticipation
but between the molecules is outer space?s vacuum,
cytoplasm is my limitation.

Am I anything more than what you can see;
a product of the world that has moulded me?
My role as daughter and musician,
girlfriend, first and second cousin,
looking for a clue or something,
finding that I?m really nothing.

I am nothing!

Lyrics Ro Randall Music Ro Randall
Producer Ro Randall Publisher Ro Randall
Performance Ro Randall
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