Forever Yours

Song Description

a cheery tune with a bitter message

Song Length 2:57 Genre Country - Honky Tonk, Jazz - Swing
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English


When we first met, I thought you were my honey
Your loving arms kept me from the cold
But lately since you used up all my money
You never want to see me any more.

Well, I call you on the telephone
but you don't hear 'cause you're not home
Leave a message at the beep
But you never ever get back to me.

You told me we would be in love forever
A handsome couple when we're old and gray
But now it seems that you've found someone better
Another fool with lots more cash than brains.

Baby why I loved you is a mystery
But I'm better off now than I was before
From now on you're a part of my past history
And I'm never gonna open up that door.

Chorus (last):
Well, you can call me on the telephone
But I won't hear 'cause I'm not home
You can leave a message at the beep
But you'll never ever hear back from me, no
You'll never ever hear back from me, no
You'll never ever hear back from me.

Lyrics Rick Garvin Music Rick Garvin
Producer Rick Garvin Publisher Rick Garvin
Performance Rick Garvin
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