Enchanted Forest 4

Story Behind The Song

Part Four of The Enchanted Forest series depicting the relationship between time and emotion, dream and perception and longing for a place to call home.

Song Description

Opening onto a misty dawn in a remote other worldly forest. We make our way along a path to see layers of vistas revealed, lush, moist and sparkling, yet foreboding and ominous in colors that defy logic. As we cautiously peer into the distance we notice the eyes of creatures, blinking up through the dense matter, glowing with wonder and sadness at the same time. We are coming through the Enchanted Forest of a collective dreamscape, unable to grip hold of anything solid, driven on by a sense of serenity in surrender.

Song Length 11:11 Genre Electronic - Electronica, Electronic - Trance
Tempo Tempo Undefined Mood Moving, Poignant
Subject Stars, Planets, Space Similar Artists Moby
Music rick borgia Producer rick borgia
Publisher n/a Performance rick borgia
Label n/a
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

Artist Name
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