Pray (C. Smith, G. Giusti, R. Bassett)

Story Behind The Song

Song about spirituality and addiction

Song Length 3:18 Genre Pop - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Addiction, Spirituality Similar Artists Tim Mcgraw
Era 2000 and later


Pray (C. Smith, G. Giusti, R. Bassett)

Verse 1:

There's a bottle that keeps me from feeling my pain
And it's stuck in my hand
Like a demon it's constantly calling
And moving my line in the sand

I can handle sticks and stones
But this one's digging my grave

And I pray, alone in the night
When no one is watching, just me and my pride
I take a good look at my life
Know that I'm falling, and that's why I'm calling your name
And I pray, and I pray

Verse 2:

Momma raised me to swear by the blood of the lamb
Many times I've been saved
By the angels and better believers
Now they're losing their faith

I can't handle my reflection
I don't know how to change



And I pray for something more than
What I'm living today
Some kind of light at the end of this tunnel
To bury my shame, teach me to pray


Lyrics Canaan Smith, Gabrielle Giusti, Richard Bassett Music Canaan Smith, Gabrielle Giusti, Richard Bassett
Performance Canaan Smith

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