How : Rhemona Quimby Feat. Twinspirit (Video on my page)

Story Behind The Song

I had produced the track and sat on it for almost a year. I was going through a book of poems written by my little brother and the lyric fit perfectly. I had recorded the song previously at Doghouse Studios, my voice just did not do the song justice. I me

Song Description

Song written by my little brother Shawn Bediako. Features vocalist, Twinspirit, formally of Afrodesia. What a was an honor to produce a record for her!

Song Length 3:36 Genre R & B - Soul
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Era 2000 and later


(Twinspirit adlib)

If you and I could be lovers
how would we love?
(Repeat chorus)

Would we stare into each others eyes
and silently dream dreams
silently dream dreams
of what we're afraid to act upon
Would we telepathically tickle private places and pretend to hear the laughs?
I wanna know, I wonder (repeat 4X)
I wanna know how..

Would we share soft tender kisses
leaving traces of sugar sweet tastes on our tongues?
Would we hold each other in prayerful embraces and melt into one soul?
I wanna know, I wonder (repeat 4x)

Cause just lovin, is not enough (repeat 4X)

(Twinspirit adlib)


Lyrics by Shawn Bediako/Music by Rhemona Moore

Lyrics Shawn Bediako Music Rhemona Moore
Producer Rhemona Moore Publisher Platinum earth Publishing
Performance Twinspirit Label Emerge Records
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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