Song Length 2:22 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Floating Mood Peaceful, Gracious
Subject General, Pride Language English
Era 2000 and later


every once in awhile i dream of your face
i long to touch that smile
while the lips i taste like honey
then i wake up

every now n again i get lost in my thoughts
seems like everytime i get caught
thinkin bout ya honey
then i wake up

n' realize what i've done


some think that im obsessed
but that aint even close its more like im depressed
seein your ghost honey
then i wake up

its a long shot at best but here it goes
not that i got a chance i wanted you to know
honey i dont wanna wake up

n' realize what i've done


(c) 2000. Robert C Andrews

Lyrics RC Andrews Music RC Andrews
Producer RC Andrews Performance RC Andrews
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