gaze upon the crucifix

Story Behind The Song

A song that started with a simple guitar riff then developed into a complete number

Song Description

A social comment and a reflection on local and world politics

Song Length 3:19 Genre Folk - Country, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Outraged, Irate Subject Politics, World
Similar Artists Bob Dylan, Dire Straits Language English
Era 2000 and later


These martyrs fooled. These martyrs conned
To believe in paradise just beyond
And dynamite waved like magic wands
Who will they kill when we have gone?
When all is leveled, all is dust
They're standing there in rubble and rust
Charred remains in church and bus
"It was their fault, t'was them not us"
Amongst pointless streams of aged conflicts
The roll call done the biro clicks
While widows trim the candle wicks
We gaze upon the crucifix

Starved men looking like burnt-out trees
The African broken on his knees
His child suffering its mother's disease
Too tired to beg, to plead, say please
Their leaders smile and swat the flies
And every excuse a swarm of lies
But glad to break the colonial ties
Just avoid the stare from the children's eyes
This starving child thrown in the mix
As rebels rain the blows and kicks
How would this child perceive their tricks?
As he gazes on their crucifix.

On brittle truths and empty lies
And fingers in too many pies
We watch the politician rise
To kid us all it's no surprise
When speeches spoke with anecdotes
And handshakes shook with winks and jokes
All babies kissed; believe this folks
When all is said we're just a gaggle of votes
All fits inside the old matrix
So the media gets its latest fix
And hides behind concrete and bricks
While bones are broken with stones and sticks
Blood is wiped and wounds are licked
And the earth is robbed with shovels and picks
We can rest assured all will be fixed
As we gaze upon our crucifix

Lyrics Ray Brookes Music Ray Brookes
Producer Ray Brookes Publisher Ray Brookes
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