Song Description

Humorous song about life as a redneck.

Song Length 3:29 Genre Country - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Jovial, Sociable Subject Pride
Language English Era 2000 and later


I got a camouflage suitcase and bowling ball
A great big collection of turkey calls
I drive through the woods and get stuck in the mud
I'd walk through a wall for a six pack of Bud

I wear my jeans too tight
And I've got a great big bright
Red Neck

I watch wrestlin on the tv screen
I squeal my tires when the light turns green
Got a John Deere hat on the top o' my head
Got a bear skin rug at the foot of the bed

You know that I like to fight
I'll choke someone else's bright
Red Neck

I'm a redneck
A real American one
I work all day and then I have some fun
I don't mind bendin or breakin the rules
And you can look all you want but don't you dare
Touch my tools

I'm a lifetime member of the NRA
I won't back down if you get in my way
I get my music from CMT
There ain't nothin grander than the Old Opry

I'm easy to see at night
Because of my great big bright
Red Neck

I got forty eight lures for my fishin pole
Beans and mustard in a hot dog roll
Big steel rims for my pickup truck
To match the ones on the house baby I'm in luck

I wait til I'm in plain sight
then I show off my great big bright
Red Neck

(repeat chorus)

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Clean Clean

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