wanna get f**ked up(feat.Mr.Luna & S.G.)

Story Behind The Song

J. didn't think I would like the style of it.I heard a skeleton of it and flipped out,So me and J. fleshed it out,I invited Matt "the catt" over one day, he contributed big time and Luna and S.G. wrote their lyrics in the studio.Phenom ad-libbed and it wa

Song Description

drinking song

Song Length 4:26 Genre Rap - Progressive, Latin - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Sociable Subject Alchohol, Beer, Wine, Drugs
Similar Artists Cypress Hill, The Police Language English
Era Before 1600


(intro) Mr.Luna
(1st verse) Philstir
Fuck where I'm going, what? where I been? you already know how tonight's gon' end.New kicks ,scuffed up,what? I wanna' get fucked up,just ran into my esse' folks in mid-town, S.G. and Mr.Luna keep slammin' brews down, punks handcuffin' these ho's can't find a slut, so what, you know what ,I wanna' get fucked up,
nigga call the Dun-deala, tell him you wit The Philstir,Philthy Phil
drinks on me, show up, then we gon' eat, just ran into R.P.G. ,he got that killa green, dat' west coast chronic , a cure ya' insomnia
look homie, I'm not trynna' here whatchu' talkin', what the fuck you mean fool?, watch where I'm walkin', stalkin' a skeezer crew thinkin' stingy as " Eberneezer Scrooge " sippin' liquor for my Kansas city blues, but
I wanna get fucked up 4x

Lyrics Philstir,Mr.Luna,S.G. Music J.witzgall,Philstir,Matt Patterson
Producer J.witzgall,Philstir Publisher daddyjamespasquali publishing(ascap)
Performance Philstir,Mr.Luna,S.G.,Matt Patterson,J.Witzgall,J.T.Phenom Label Pasquali Records
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