Remember Ibo(Igbo) Landing

Story Behind The Song

In May, 1803, on St Simons Island, Georgia, rather than be enslaved by their captors, brave & courageous Africans from the Ibo(Igbo)community sacrificed their lives by walking into the waters and, as legend has it, flew away to freedom.

Song Length 4:40 Genre World - African, New Age - Ethnic
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Poignant
Subject Determination



words & music: phil morrison

Remember IBO Landing
They walked into the sea
Until the last man standing
Their cry.. we must be free

From Africa their homeland
Across an ocean wide
In chains you hear them moanin'
In pain as many died


Remember IBO Landing
Where Africans rebel
Freedom they're demanding
Won't live their lives in hell!"

Saint Simons Island Georgia
Their final resting place
To end the constant torture
This inhumane disgrace

But spirits can't be broken
From the strong and brave
These Africans would rather die
Than live their lives as slaves


Remember IBO Landing
Along the Georgia shore
With bravery and courage
They marched towards heaven's door

Remember IBO Landing
It's where our heroes died
This history is sacred
Remember them with pride...but

Magical their power
Its source comes from the sky
Where angels call to paradise
Behold as freemen fly


Remember......IBO Landing

Lyrics Phil Morrison Music Phil Morrison
Performance The Phil Morrison Trio featuring Joe Watts-vocals & piano,Phil Morrison-bass,Stan Ekendra Das-percussion
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