Fall Into Flight

Story Behind The Song

Perhaps this one was written for me, myself, because I'm not that big on failure. But failure is sometimes SUCH an important step towards success.

Song Description

This album is about failing, and regenerating. It's about those times that you trip over something on the ground, and then pick it up to realize it's the cell phone that belongs to your future best friend, and if you hadn't tripped, you'd never have met the friend. This album's about living, losing, and not just recovering from losing, but winning because you lost. Kinda like Jesus, and how he lost everything--dude, he died, and even went to hell, according to Paul. But that's his greatest feat, and what he's known for. So fall into flight!

Song Length 3:04 Genre Rock - Indie/Low-Fi
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal


I'm not gonna say chin up, suck it in/ Or yeah you can do it alone/ you know when you're falling, no one can fool you/Someone's gotta turn you around/ (But you gotta learn to)

Fall into flight/A little farther now/Darker than night/A little bleaker now/Sing through the night/Fall into flight

The world's never been some big merry-go-round/What must come up must come down/If anything can go wrong mark me it will/Failure have you heard its sound/A desperate fight song smashed down with a squelch/Or maybe it ends with a scream/You know when you're falling/no one can fool you/Someone's gotta turn you around/


Fall into
The Man who wore failure as close as His skin/Knew what it was to feel wrong/The Man for whom death was a new kind of life/Loss a new victory sound/He fell down the distance from heaven to hell/History's worst tragedy/He knows when you're falling/He fell before you/ He'll catch you and turn you around/


Fall into flight/Oh so much higher now/Glorious light/Oh so much brighter now/Into the light/Fall into flight

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