Crazy Day

Story Behind The Song

I was having a very frustrating family vacation. The second verse, however, reflects the concern for a little child I love who has a permanent disability and, barring a miracle, will never speak or really connect with the people around him. It still frustrates me as he grows. So this was written for his mother and father, and mine, but especially for when she said, "I love singing that song (Jesus loves me) at the end of the day, because it is still there no matter what happened that day."

Song Description

I don't believe in optimism--I believe in hopeful starvation, because the world is not and will not be as it should be. The idea that Jesus Loves You has become kind of normalized. In my life, though, at the end of the day it's not just a thing you say to people on the street or wear on a t-shirt. It's a death-cry, a hope-scream. "Heck, life sucks...JESUS LOVES ME!!!"

Song Length 2:12 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - Religious
Tempo Multiple Tempos Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Restless, Worried Subject Worry, God
Language English Era 2000 and later


(It's a dim small hope/That keeps us moving on/Hope of recovery and rest)
I don't know why/My world revolves around insanity/And every day life/Is a disaster in discovery/I'm climbing the ladder/Only to fall back down on my knees/This pseudo-normal life/Is getting way too much for me/If wild is mundane/And normal is insane/Then I don't wanna see this crazy day!
Chor:Only if you love me Lord/ if Jesus loves me and I know/Only You can lift me up/Then I can handle any other day
I don't know why/The ones we love have not found healing yet/We're searching and striving/For a peace that we may never get/Hope can be cruel/When you are dying daily just for love/And every day life/Is a spin and fall into the mud/If every minute's loaded and every second's full/You're gonna need this hope this crazy day!

Lyrics Jen Veldhuyzen Music Jen Veldhuyzen
Producer Jen Veldhuyzen Publisher Jen Veldhuyzen
Performance Jen Veldhuyzen Label Jen Veldhuyzen

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