Take a Minute

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Here's a song inspired by the coronavirus pandemic (but it's upbeat and hopeful). Big thanks to Ben Lokuta, who recorded the drums remotely. Ben is an amazing young drummer currently studying at Berklee College of Music. I played gigs with Ben all last year, including Summerfest in Milwaukee. Ben plays a huge drum set with two kicks, so mixing was a bit of a challenge! I told Ben to let loose in the last verse, and he really came through. All four guitars I play in this song are Gretsches--hollowbody or semi-hollow--all with different pickups: Gretsch 5422T with Filtertrons Gretsch 5622T with Super HiLo trons Gretsch 2622TG with P90s Gretsch 2420 with Broadtrons ...so this is definitely a Gretsch song!

Song Length 3:35 Genre Rock - Classic, Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


You say this world is over. No more sweet tea and clover.
I don't know the reason why I'm so in love with you.

Some days you're just so distant, so angry on the instant.
Still I know the reason why you're always feeling blue.

Take a minute, try and look around you. See the world we know.
Take a minute from your picture show.

You say you can't go the distance, put up too much resistance,
even though I'm telling you that I'll be there for you.

No, I don't even want to hear it. No time to check out though we fear it.
The sea's about to swallow up this human world we know.


You're watching all your screens. Never get outside.
Stand among the trees.
You're always stuck inside like a person who's confined
never walking in the breeze.

You say the clock is ticking--watch as the whole world is sickening.
I just say that you have got to think beyond us two.

So roll up your sleeves and pitch in--no use just always bitching.
You have got to use your life and stand up for what's true.

Lyrics Timothy Walsh Music Timothy Walsh
Producer Timothy Walsh Publisher Timothy Walsh
Performance Timothy Walsh with Ben Lokuta (Drums)
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