Lonnie's Red Guitar

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Can you plumb the secrets of the universe through a guitar string? Channel the electromagnetism of guitar pickups to heighten your senses? Lonnie thinks you can! Every time he picks up that red guitar, gets those P90 pickups screaming through an overdriven amp, tubes glowing like coals, he knows he's there.... This song is Lonnie's anthem. All guitar tracks are played on a Gretsch 2622TG with P90 pickups...and, yes, it is red.

Song Length 4:10 Genre Rock - Classic, Rock - Hard Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


He don't ever smile--just does his thing.
Smells just like oil--the sweet, sweet smell of gasoline.
When he's working on cars, he loves the engine's purr.
And when he's playing guitar, he travels up beyond the stars.

He don't ever say the secrets he knows.
He goes walking out at noontime where the river flows.
And they whisper all about him, and they think that they know,
and they go, "Say hey, Lonnie, how'd you learn to play that guitar?"

Chorus: Go, Lonnie, go! Play that red guitar.
Go, Lonnie, go! Burning like a shooting star.

He's at home with the night--the moon tangled in the trees.
Like an owl in flight, he rides the wind on silent wings.
Dreams of liquid chords--his soul's vibrating strings.
Flesh is so hot-wired, his fingertips tap sacred springs.

When he's playing lead his mind's all aglow--
sees the flickers of the future flash in stereo,
and they're cheering all around him and they think that they know,
and they go....


When he's sleeping his guitar's by his side.
His six-string dreams are always amplified.
With his fingers on the fretboard, she seems like his bride...
and they go...


Lyrics Timothy Walsh Music Timothy Walsh
Producer Timothy Walsh Publisher Timothy Walsh
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