Can't Run Away

Story Behind The Song

You know those maps at the mall with the arrow saying "you are here"? Well the arrow is the finger - no matter where you go, there you are - you can't run away from yourself; so the map at the mall is what inspired this song. Originally presented as a

Song Description

driving beat anchors sax riffs and spoken lyrics

Song Length 4:32 Genre Pop - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Disturbed, Annoyed Subject Conformity, Disgust
Language English Era 1990 - 1999


Personalities in your closet
try a new one on for size
You're proud of your deception
but it's still you I recognize

Trapped in the tangled web you weave
you play charades in the dark
Long ago I stopped trying to read
these new editions of you

You can't run away, can't run away, can't run away from you
wherever you look, there you are
and the fingers' pointing at you
Can't run away can't run away, can't run away from you
it's your choice, it's your life
and your responsibility too.

I should have done more
you could have cared less
but that door swings both ways
Love is always held blameless
I'm just playing by the rules you made
Still, you're sticking to your story
but I can read between those lines
All roads have opportunities
and a chance to be set free

Lyrics paul sandberg Music paul sandberg
Producer richard millward Performance piano, percussion, bass and electric guitar by Richard Millward, sax and vocals Paul Sandberg
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